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Founded in 1998, Mondial Telecom, is initially retail reseller. Over last 4 years, Mondial Telecom has oriented all its Research & Development efforts on IP Solutions and focus today on mobile application software (VoIP solution) and on wholesale mobile business. [more ...]

The MNVO Mondial Telecom is combining the 4Talk technology with a classic SIM based cellular offer. By combining both technologies Mondial Telecom is giving their end user the benefits of both worlds. By bundling the offers, a more price efficient offer is put on the Belgian market. At the same time Mondial Telecom, as an MVNO, is reducing is dependency on the mobile →
Since mid 2011 Mobile Vikings (MVNO) is offering a VoIP only solution called VikingTalk in the Belgian market. Based on the innovative data offer (3G) a VoIP solution is a logical extension of Mobile Vikings’ offer. VikingTalk is fully hosted and serviced by Mondial Telecom and is based on the 4Talk Network →

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Want to boost your profits and existing infrastructure? Want to increase your independence from mobile operators, and bring calls to your own network?

Improve your image by being a player in the upcoming IP market. Be an innovative player.

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